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Financial Mail: Eastern European property still a draw

SA companies’ offshore track record may well be questionable, but Eastern Europe is one destination where a number of South Africans have been able to successfully replicate their business models. Mall owner Nepi Rockcastle is a case in point. Kelly Ward, analyst at Metope Investment Managers, comments.

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SAPOA – Women in Property: Stock selection key in listed property after a tough 2018

As one of the most seasoned female fund managers in the listed property sector, Liliane Barnard, CEO of Metope Investment Managers, has invested in listed property throughout all cycles. Therefore, when she reflects back on the exceptionally difficult period in the listed property sector last year, she is level-headed. She points out that 2018 was marked by an ongoing confluence of negative factors that occurred throughout the year, and which resulted in investors taking flight. Read the full article below.

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Glacier, Funds on Friday – Listed property: stress-tested and bearing up in a very tough market

After a strong start to 2019 when listed property soared 9.2% in January, hopes for a solid recovery for the sector have since been dampened. Recent company results have been disappointing, with growth in dividends slowing almost across the board, and indeed going backwards in some cases. However, on closer examination of the results to May 2019, it appears that the underlying physical property is bearing up in what is a very tough market. Negative company earnings and disappointing growth numbers are largely due to once-off and non-recurring issues, or capital items which are not reflective of the underlying property performance. Metope CEO Liliane Barnard gives her views.

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