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Financial Mail: Mega-mall tills still ringing

The suit and tie may be dead, but the latest Louis Vuitton tote or a coveted Patek Philippe watch has lost none of its cachet among the super flash. It’s a trend underscored by results released this week by retail-focused Liberty Two Degrees (L2D), co-owner of some of Gauteng’s smartest shopping precincts. Metope Investment Analyst, Kelly Ward, comments.

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MoneyMarketing: Tax free wealth creation with property funds

Wealth creation through the compounding of South African listed property total returns is exactly what an investment in listed property provides for the patient investor. Coupled with a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA), an investor reaps tax savings on the income and capital gains delivered by listed property, which materially enhances the compounding effect on their wealth. Liliane Barnard, Portfolio Manager and CEO at Metope, and Aimee Glisson, Director: Operations, Performance & Risk at Metope, elaborate.

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