Listed Property Funds

Metope Property Prescient Fund

The Metope Property Prescient Fund is a collective investment scheme that aims to provide investors with a combination of a growing income stream and long term capital appreciation, delivering total returns that outperform the FTSE/JSE Listed Property index (“SAPY Index”) over the medium to long term. The fund aims to be fully invested in the SA listed real estate sector.

Metope uses in-depth fundamental research of the local property market and listed real estate equities, as well as relevant macro-economic factors to identify compelling investment opportunities for delivering superior long term results. Metope’s thorough research underpins its processes of stock selection, portfolio construction and portfolio management.

Why choose this fund?
  • The fund’s portfolio manager, Liliane Barnard, and her team have a wealth of experience in the local property market, not just in the listed space but also in physical property and fixed income
  • The fund offers investors a chance to diversify their wealth into this inflation hedging, income generating asset class, the compounding of which further enhances long term returns
  • Investors get access to prime property assets and highly skilled management teams who are able to deliver superior returns, with the added benefit of high liquidity and diversification of assets, sectors and geographies
  • The fund is suitable for investors seeking a high and growing income yield as well as long term capital appreciation
Fund Facts
  • Portfolio Manager: Liliane Barnard
  • Launch date: 2 Feb 2015
  • Fees (Class A): 1.25% p.a. (ex. VAT)
  • Minimum lumpsum investment of R1,000 or monthly investment of R250
  • Tax Free class available

The Metope Property Prescient Fund is administered by Prescient. For more information, visit